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Many of us spend our days surrounded by moulding, the trim often used around windows, doors, and ceilings in interiors. But how much time do we spend thinking about it? Precious little, right? But the day may come when you actually need to know about moulding. “Molding” is a general term used for any type of trim inside a home, but ceiling molding generally falls under the term “crown moulding”.

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To add both value and style to your home, consider the installation of crown moulding. This is a small touch that can make a world of difference in a room—regardless of whether you are considering a colonial style or something more modern. Despite the benefits of adding it, however, it is not always an easy task.

Some of our great services include:

-Door and window trim
-Rafter trim
-Corner trim
-Crown molding

Services we offer in Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064:

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